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Welcome to Lamport & Hanging Houghton Parish Council

Next Meeting g 20 July 2022 to be held at Lamport Hall

Welcome to the Lamport and Hanging Houghton website.


This site is organised by the parish council and will have information about all council activities and records from 2015.

The site is also intended to give local information about events that are up and coming as well as reporting on those that have occurred in the recent past.

Having a parish council now gives us all an opportunity to work together to improve the things which annoy or bother us and to improve our environment whether it be rubbish on the streets, weeds, muddy paths, lights that are on or off at the wrong time – lots of issues which we’re sure you will want to comment on and hopefully make suggestions as to how we solve some of these.

As parishioners you can have a say on all of these matters, and you may wish to contribute to the site.